Cow nappa leather

Cow nappa leather is a type of full-grain leather known for its softness and durability. It is often used in high-quality leather products, including furniture, clothing and especially in car interiors.

The term "Nappa" comes from the place where it was first made: Napa, California. Emanuel Manasse, a German immigrant who worked for the Sawyer Tanning Company, coined the term in 1875.

The resulting cowhide nappa leather is soft, smooth and durable, making it ideal for a variety of applications. In the automotive industry, it is often used for car seat covers and other interior elements because of its comfort and durability. In fashion, it is used for high-quality clothing and accessories, such as jackets, gloves and handbags. In the furniture industry, it is used for upholstery because of its softness and durability.

Cow nappa leather is a type of soft, full-grain leather known for its smooth texture, flexibility and durability. It is often made from cowhide, the skin of cows. There are several reasons why cowhide is very suitable for nappa leather production:

  1. Availability: Cowhide is readily available and is one of the most widely used types of leather in the industry. Cows are raised worldwide for meat production, so there is a constant supply of cowhide for leather production.
  1. Thickness and strength: Cowhide tends to have good thickness and strength, making it suitable for producing durable leather products. Nappa leather requires a strong base material that can withstand processing and maintain its integrity.
  1. Grain pattern: The natural grain pattern of cowhide is often considered desirable for nappa leather. The grain pattern refers to the texture and markings on the surface of the leather, which can range from fine and smooth to more pronounced and textured. Cowhide can offer a range of grain patterns, allowing for different aesthetic options in the production of nappa leather.
  1. Softness and flexibility: a cowhide, when properly processed and treated, can be made soft and supple. Nappa leather is known for its smoothness and flexibility, and cowhide can be treated to achieve these characteristics through various tanning and finishing processes.

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Cow Leather - half hide

127.75 VAT inclusive
Supple cowhide leather, suitable for leather goods, available as halves with a size of 2.3 - 2.5 m2.
    • feature | neat appearance, nice grip and supple
    • thickness | 1.3 - 1.5 mm.
    • type | cowhide leather, corrected, grain print, protective finish
    • color |. dark brown
This cowhide leather is included in our assortment. That means you can always reorder it. The leather has a European tanning. We supply it in the shop as halves, in the warehouse you can also buy the whole hides. The whole hides have an average size of about 5 m2. We ourselves find it a beautiful material for making leather aprons, for example. Keep in mind that the colors in real life can sometimes be slightly different!


119.95 - 239.95 VAT inclusive

Piamonte, Italian nappa cowhide leather

Wonderfully smooth, nice grip, countless colors.

  • Thickness I 1.3 -1.5 mm.
  • Tanning I chrome tanned
  • Origin I Italy
  • Colors I over 70

How do I choose the right color ?

The 5 images show all the colors with their code. Use the color picker and enter your favorite color number. (The number listed below the image, for example D23). Beware, when choosing the color, you will not see your color. The code is the color you choose for us.

Choose the size you need for your project, a whole skin or half a skin. We have most colors in stock, it may happen that we have to reorder the color. We will let you know immediately if your color takes a little longer. We will send you an email with the expected delivery date.

Bottlegreen Bottlegreen
Enzian blau Enzian blau
Feuerrot Feuerrot
Black Geneva black
Cognac Genve Cognac
Rostbraun Rostbraun
Schokobraun Schokobraun
Taupe Taupe

Geneva I semi-vegetable tanned nappa cowhide leather

269.95 - 459.95 VAT inclusive
Would you like to buy vegetable-tanned leather but take advantage of the benefits of other tanning methods? Then the semi-vegetable tanned Geneva collection is the choice for you. Unlike fully vegetable tanned leathers, which are often a bit stiffer, this beautiful cow nappa leather is nice and supple. Chrome-free and of the highest quality! Because of the special finishing, Geneva is also more resistant to the influence of moisture and dirt than fully vegetable tanned leathers. This also makes it very suitable for making bags, for example. A whole hide measures around 5.5 m2, a half hide around 2.75 m2. Keep in mind a deviation of about 10% up or down. The thickness is 1.4 - 1.6 mm. Choose the size first, and then the color!