Nappa leather

This is a is a general description used today to describe a leather that is soft, full grain and chrome tanned. In the past, nappa leather was mainly used for gloves and as upholstery leather. Tanners like to use the name nappa to describe a soft, quality leather.

Where the name Nappa comes from ?

If historians are to be believed, the name can be linked to Napa Valley, California. It was there that a certain Emanuel Manasse eventually settled. The son of a German tanner, he emigrated to America in 1864 and married a tanner's daughter there. He found his work in the Sawyer Tanning Co. Here he even developed a patent for a tanning process and and made the nappa leather, characterized by a very great softness and used for gloves.

As mentioned, the term is used fairly freely and unprotected. Recommended for use as leather for shoes, leather goods, car upholstery, furniture leather, etc.

In the past, nappa leather was mainly used for gloves and upholstery leather. And in theory, the grain should not have been worked, but that is often the case nowadays. This can mean a light sanding to remove superficial damage or even a firm correction of the grain with an artificial print applied afterwards.

Types of nappa leather

The ross nappa is a particularly strong, flexible leather that provides good results wherever it is used as upholstery. Available in several colors, it forms a basic item in the range. The lamb nappa has been part of our range for many years. An abundance of colors coupled with consistently good quality ensure a trouble-free finish.

Cow nappa leather

We have added an item to the nappa leather family; lamb, ross, goat, ross and now beef nappa. A supple, buttery soft, yet firm black cow nappa of 1.3 - 1.5 mm with a nice, quiet grain image and a slight sheen to round it out. And a great price!

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Lamb Nappa Leather

48.94 - 91.54 VAT inclusive
Supersoft, smooth, elegant lamb nappa leather of top quality. They are whole lambskins; sizes range from 6 to 9 square feet.

Cow Leather - half hide

127.75 VAT inclusive
Supple cowhide leather, suitable for leather goods, available as halves with a size of 2.3 - 2.5 m2.
    • feature | neat appearance, nice grip and supple
    • thickness | 1.3 - 1.5 mm.
    • type | cowhide leather, corrected, grain print, protective finish
    • color |. dark brown
This cowhide leather is included in our assortment. That means you can always reorder it. The leather has a European tanning. We supply it in the shop as halves, in the warehouse you can also buy the whole hides. The whole hides have an average size of about 5 m2. We ourselves find it a beautiful material for making leather aprons, for example. Keep in mind that the colors in real life can sometimes be slightly different!


119.95 - 239.95 VAT inclusive

Piamonte, Italian nappa cowhide leather

Wonderfully smooth, nice grip, countless colors.

  • Thickness I 1.3 -1.5 mm.
  • Tanning I chrome tanned
  • Origin I Italy
  • Colors I over 70

How do I choose the right color ?

The 5 images show all the colors with their code. Use the color picker and enter your favorite color number. (The number listed below the image, for example D23). Beware, when choosing the color, you will not see your color. The code is the color you choose for us.

Choose the size you need for your project, a whole skin or half a skin. We have most colors in stock, it may happen that we have to reorder the color. We will let you know immediately if your color takes a little longer. We will send you an email with the expected delivery date.

Ross Nappa

159.99 - 289.99 VAT inclusive
Supple, firm, strong, smooth ross nappa leather of top quality. For clothing and upholstery. Thickness 0.7 - 0.8 mm. I Halves range in size from 2.0 - 2.5 m2. I A whole skin is between 4.5 - 5.0 m2 in size.