Cow leather with a fascinating croco print.

You can buy real crocodile leather of course. But even better is this beautiful, split-grain leather with an elegant croco print. Set on a whole croupon, the print creates an elegant look. The print is put in with a heated roller or printing plate, this gives it that beautiful shine and at the same time the leather becomes a bit firmer. Very suitable for making leather goods.

Some result

Veneto croco
V20 V20
V22 V22
V23 V23
V54 V54
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V65 V65
Veneto croco V80

Veneto Croco

95.80 VAT inclusive

Veneto-Croco ; a fascinating croco print on a whole croupon.

It continues to fascinate, the exotic prints. This beautiful croco print is set on European split skins. With a wide range of vibrant colors, there is something for every taste. The finish is beautiful, leave that to the Italian tanners, who know how to define elegance. You order this Veneto Croco as a whole croupon. A whole croupon averages 1.65 m2. in size.  Choose your favorite color! Come to the warehouse and get 10% off!