Choose convenience! Have your favorite leathers delivered to your home!

In our shop you can buy your favorite leather online. You will find an extensive range; lamb nappa, cowhide, calfskin, goat leather and saddle leather for belts and strips. Among the items you can choose your favorite color, thickness and size.

How does it work? It's simple!

Click on your article and view the information. As you understand, every animal, like every human, is unique. With his/her own size, history and character. So for each article there are different choices you can make.

Harness leather

With the harness leather, you can choose different sizes. For example, you can order a whole neck, half a neck or pieces. You can also choose strips, which are cut to size for you. For each item you can choose the thickness, color and size.

Calfskin - Buy leather online

A particularly beautiful calfskin from the renowned Perlinger tannery in Germany. Top of the line, an exclusive item for leather goods and shoes.


With the lamb nappa, we have divided the sizes into 3 groups for you.

  • All lambskins between 8 - 9 square feet are in a group; LARGE
  • All lambskins between 7 - 8 square feet are in a group; MEDIUM
  • All lambskins between 6 - 7 square feet are in a group; SMALL
  • When you order a sheet of lamb nappa from the SMALL group, the sheet is at least 6.0 square feet in size and a maximum of 6.9 square feet.
  • The price is always tailored to the smallest quantity. You never pay more than €6.65 including VAT per square foot. Often the price is slightly lower in practice because you get a larger sheet from us.

Shipping costs

We want to be honest and open about shipping costs. These are paid by the customer, both when ordering and when returning. (A sheet of poor quality will of course be exchanged for a better sheet free of charge, should this occur).

  • Shipping rates are very low, €7.25 per package.
  • From € 100.00 we do not charge any shipping costs or surcharges for orders with destination Netherlands.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to call us first!