Dog collars and leashes.

Are you someone who makes dog collars, lines or leashes? And are you looking for the best leather ? Then you have come to the right place. For years we have been selling leather for leashes. We tell you which leather to use and you can choose from the different colors and sizes.

The leather you use for dog collars, lines and leashes all fall into the harness leather category .

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In the category of harness leather, we can offer you several alternatives.

  • Vegetable tanned harness leather.
  • Chrome tanned harness leather.

Both methods of tanning are of course completely safe and are used by tanneries, all of which must confirm their compliance with European directives. The difference of tanning is in the properties it produces. Chrome tanning allows you to get smoother leathers, which also generally hold their color better than in the case of vegetable tanned leather.

In the vegetable tanned leather category for dog collars and leashes, we have :

This harness leather is available in the color natural (raw), colored and in a premium version ( also colored).

In the chrome tanned or fat tanned category for dog collars and leashes we have:

For both oiled leather and chrome lines, you can order endless length leashes for these. With endless leashes for dog collars and lines you can order up to 50 meters in one piece. Details about the different widths can be found in the shop, the oiled leather is about 4 mm. thick.

The loiled leather is particularly suitable as a dog collar because it does not burn when the collar slips through your hands. Of course, all leathers are very strong so you won't pull them apart.

Feel free to ask us questions about dog collars, lines and leashes. We listen carefully.