What do I need to pay attention to?

Even if you've bought leather before, we think it's good to take a look at the points below. We believe you might learn something from them after all. Or it may allow you to ask us a clear question.

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Buy leather!

You want to buy leather. And you've come to us. We are happy about that. Van Oosterum Leather, the wholesaler for leather buying in Raamsdonksveer, has a large and long experience in the field of leather selling. For more than 94 years we have been buying and selling a wide variety of leathers. So if you want to buy leather, we can certainly tell you something about it. That's immediately a good idea to start with.

What all should you think about when buying leather?

  • What do I want to make of the leather?

Do the properties of this article leather fit what you want to make? Is it supple enough? Can I stitch it well? Does it offer protection against stains? What happens to the colors ?

  • Do I want to buy this leather more often?

Is it a regular item that is made regularly, then you should ask the supplier if he can continue to supply it? It can also be for one time and then you can buy leather from leftover batches, for example, which often saves quite a bit in price. We can offer you both.

  • Do I know exactly how much leather I need?

The important thing when you start is to estimate what you are going to need. Make sure you don't run out by the end of the project. And take into account the loss you get from cutting the leather to size. Do you know what your percentage loss is ? 20% , 30% , calculate that into the quantity you want to buy.

  • Leather is not sold on a roll!

It seems redundant to say it, but leather is not a textile you can buy on a roll. They have all been animals, which differ in size. So a sheet of lamb nappa is much smaller than a skin from a cow.

  • Is the leather for indoor or outdoor use ?

Not all leather is equally well protected against moisture or raindrops, for example. If you want protection, ask first or see for yourself how the leather reacts to drops of water.

  • Would you like to color the leather yourself ?

That ability to color the leather yourself exists. If you mention that to us , we know what we are going to look for you. Some people find that very pleasant when they can still color the leather themselves.

  • Also, how can I soon clean this leather I am going to buy properly?

Every type of leather has its own instructions for use when it comes to cleaning. Better to ask before you buy something so you don't run into any surprises.

  • Where does the leather come from?

This question does seem to be growing in importance. Customers want to know this. So feel free to ask us this as well.

  • How do I know how big the hide of leather is ? And how is leather actually measured ?

The size of the leather hide is indicated on each page. It is either expressed as, for example, 3.52 m2 or it is expressed in square feet measure, 37 ¾ v.v. Feel free to ask us how the leather is measured. We also have a machine for it that can measure it again if needed.

  • Is a leather skin the same at every place in the skin ? equally supple, equally stiff, equally thick?

The characteristics of a leather hide generally differ little, but there is a difference. Consider a cow's belly or groin. Those have a different stretch and suppleness, than the leather close to the back. The thickness will usually be homogeneous, because the hides are split or planed to a desired thickness. This is done quite accurately.

That's just a small sample of the questions you might ask when you're shopping for leather. From crocodile leather to lamb nappa and from furniture leather to exotic leather, buying leather from our wholesaler is not a difficult task. We are ready to answer all your questions. Come take a look at our warehouse and check out our wide range of products.

Do you have any questions?

We understand that best if you want to ask questions before buying anything. Just get in touch and tell us what you have in mind. We can then tell you which type of leather best suits the idea you have. Why we know all that ?From our other customers! They show us exactly how they made something. And we in turn like to share that with you !